“The attention to detail, the composition of the photographic space, aesthetics dear, hardness or softness of an image, form very personal reading of each of the photographers (artists / artisans) and his most personal work.”

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Carrer Banys Vells, 7 baixos


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Faustí Llucià

Urban Botany

From 03/17 through 05/31

OPENING thursday March 17th 2016, 07:30pm It is a journey through the streets of Barcelona through leaves and seeds found in the ground and photographed isolated from their environment. Including the location of the place where they were found, they maintain a similarity with the aesthetics of the classic films of botany. The difference is that they are not the archetype of leaf or seed, generic in species, but an individuality as a concrete result of his own life. The print run has been done on watercolor paper to strengthen its similarity with hand-painted sheets. Printing on paper Fabriano 380 gr. 40x70 cm. 2001

Faustí Llucià | Barcelona Visions