“The attention to detail, the composition of the photographic space, aesthetics dear, hardness or softness of an image, form very personal reading of each of the photographers (artists / artisans) and his most personal work.”

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From 14.05 to 12.09.2015

Lluís Ripoll "The Invisible Photojournalist"

Today we are bombarded with millions of exposures because people throughout the world use “smart phones.” This does not mean we see beautiful imaginary nor incredible moments of photojournalism. However, photojournalist, Lluís Ripoll, of Barcelona, silently and stealthily walks throughout the streets of his city capturing almost every human nature situation imaginable. Many swear he becomes invisible the moment his camera is in the grasp of his hands. And rarely, if ever, do his subjects realize they've been captured in the fleeting moment when he presses the shutter release. His style is using the light as he sees it; as it falls upon his subject and in that brief instance, “click!”.

Dr. Ted Grant Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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