“The attention to detail, the composition of the photographic space, aesthetics dear, hardness or softness of an image, form very personal reading of each of the photographers (artists / artisans) and his most personal work.”

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Conchi Martínez


DEL 17.02.2014 AL 27.04.2014

The idea of this work was born by my interest in daily matters and in recording them. I have been taking photographs for several months through part of the journey from home to work and from work to home that I always do by metro between Diagonal and Cornellà in Barcelona (Spain). This is my own particular journey but it is easily recognizable because it is really similar to the one that many commuters from all over the western world do when using the metro to go to their jobs. The main objective of the work is returning prominence to the anonymous characters whom we share trip every day but who go so unnoticed that, when we arrive at destination, we can hardly remember an insignificant detail related to their appearance. While I was taking photos I was taking notes in a kind of diary too, describing the scene that took place in front of the camera during the exposure and my personal impressions. I chose working with pinhole cameras because it's ideal both in terms of discretion and in capacity of registering the course of time.

Conchi Martínez | Barcelona Visions

Es tracta d'un magnífic treball de la fotògrafa Conchi Martínez realitzat al Metro de Barcelona amb una càmera estenopèica, retornant a les tècniques de l'origen de la fotografia, la qual cosa li dona al treball un caracter d'experimentació amb el moviment frenètic habitual en el metro de Barcelona i amb l'anonimat de la gent amb la que ens creuem habitualment, que fa que aquest tingui una lectura més enllà de la bellesa de les imatges.

La meticulositat en la documentació dels seus treballs és una característica de Conchi Martínez, la qual cosa li atorga a la seva feina un valor afegit d'anàlisi, també, del entorn en que s'han realitzat les fotografies.