“The attention to detail, the composition of the photographic space, aesthetics dear, hardness or softness of an image, form very personal reading of each of the photographers (artists / artisans) and his most personal work.”

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Manel Úbeda


from May 23 to July 14. PRORROGADA FINS 1 D'A


Cities have many faces and it’s difficult to have an in-depth knowledge of all the versions that they offer. When we refer to them we tend to make/give them a superficial overview that is often stereotyped , everything depends on the degree of connection that one sets.

Barcelona has become a world-class tourist destination and I often wonder how do all this people that visit us feel. What is the aspect that interests them more? What is the image they convey when they return to their places of origin? Most likely it has nothing to do with which I keep in my memory and, especially, in my photographic archive.

This selection of photographies, taken in Barcelona between the years 1978 i 2008, show a small sample of my interest for the city and how has been my relationship with her. Sometimes with certain archaeological sense, others for pure curiosity, or documentary intention, but always looking for images in the places that were about to disappear or change and, in some cases, with the will of showing how people relate to the environment around them. This is my vision of Barcelona, a way of looking at the city that has forged with the passage of time in an environment in constant renovation.

Manel Úbeda, may 2013

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